Some few months ago, when facebook first change its name to metaverse, it was not easy to imagine. Some of us were like why should facebook change its name to metaverse when the name “facebook” is already popular.
Facebook decided to change the name to metaverse with the vission of sending the world of internet to another level. The word metaverse is coined from a book that was written some years ago about the feature of technology.

The word metaverse means beyound the virtual world or the ‘parallel world’. It will be incridibly amazing to do everything on the internet as if you are in the real world. The ability to play, shop, touch, have conversations, have meetings and many more. You may not understand it but lets look at it this way. In the next version of the internet called metaverse you can just walk into a shop that looks like the real world buy clothes and even wear it to see if it fits you without having to be there physically. People in the shop could also see you in the shop, talk to you as well, you could exchange eye contact and even touch each other. Unlike the onlineshops rescently where you buy things by looking at pictures and reading what is written on the online to make purchases.

On the aspect of social media, it is going to be created such that one can see his or her family member, friend, classmates as real as they are on the internet. Mark zuckerberge said, instead of having a static facebook profile picture, you will have a profile that perform exactly the things you do such as movement, physical actions etc.

Some of the technologies that will be employed are smart googles and smart earpieces.
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