Google has bought Siemplify company to expand its security base which cost Google’s $500 million. The acquisition of Israel-based startup Siemplify is supposed to help the company bolster its own cloud security initiative.

Google’s acquisition of Siemplify doesn’t come long after the tech giant promised to spend over $10 billion over the next five years to help improve US cybersecurity. In May, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to help strengthen national cybersecurity in light of the major attacks on the Colonial Pipeline and Microsoft Exchange Server.
On Siemplify’s website, it is written down the footer as ‘Siemplify now part of google cloud’

About the Company Siemplify

It was founded in 2015 with more than 150 employees. It has been able to raise about $58 Millon to Date.

Siemplify is an Isreali cyber security company that was born out of the need for a better, simpler, more effective way to manage security operations. They were built by security operations experts who spent years honing their skills on the front lines of Israeli cyber intelligence agencies.

Amos Stern, Alon Cohen are the founders and Garry Fatakhov – added to that experience by training and improving SOC teams around the globe. Their deep background in SOC management, security analysis and data science, paired with first-hand knowledge of the daily challenges security operations teams face, led to the creation of the Siemplify Security Operations Platform, the industry’s leading vendor-agnostic SOAR platform.|Ghana