The people of the Kusaug kingdom gather today in Bawku Municipal to celebrate the Samanpeed festival.

There were shootings the night before the start of the festival in Bawku Municipal, which was likely prevented the celebrations but for the security interventions, the celebration is ongoing.

Despite the number of military camps in the area, more of security personels have been deployed to the area to ensure there is absolute peace.

Even though there is still shootings in the area, the security are heavily guiding the area to ensure nothing is done to anyone. A number of rules have been put in place for security reasons so as to allow the success of the celebrations.
No riding of motorbikes. The wearing of smokes are allowed for the celebrations of the festivals.

About the Samanpeed festival
The festival is celebrated at the end of the harvest season to thank the gods for a bumper harvest and also for protections.
Among the Kusasis, the people gives their first fruit as a way of contributing to the celebration of the festival. The celebrations can be done in every individual community.

In the case of the paramount chief of the Kusaasis, it is considered the biggest of all and so every community takes part in the celebrations by participating in many ways.

How it all started
It all started by the organisation of a series of activities months ago to clamax the the festival today, notably the Miss Samanpeed and finally the gathering of sub-chiefs and other paramount chiefs and people from all walks of lifes.
For the sake of this year’s festival December 29, 2021. Most of the MPs and other dignitaries are present.

The security is ensuring there is peace in the area.

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