Blessed Godsbrain popularly known as Captain Smart of Media General has been arrested by national security on Thursday 2 December 2021 following a statements he made in the morning show.
He was made to write a statement handed over to Nima Divisional Police Command
Media General said it will continue to equipt it journalists to be fearless in the duscharge of their dities.
Captain Smart was release yesteeday after a written statement.

About the media in Ghana

Disclaimer:This is not from Captain Smart

In Ghana the media represents the people of the country than even the MPs who are normally elected to make laws and take certain consensus decision for the country. MPs don’t normally go back to the people who voted for them to seek for consensus views before certain decisions are taken. There are certain decisions that are always taken to suit leadership but not to the interest of the larger population.

In rare cases sensitive issues that are normally of public concerns are always sort from the ordinary citizens through the media. The media is not our enemies but help in bringing development and other vital things to being. Without the media things will worst than we see today. Let us support the media.|Ghana