Home News Bawku West: A Man Killed Cold Blooded At Zebilla

Bawku West: A Man Killed Cold Blooded At Zebilla


A man by name Mr Lazarus who is a business man in Zebilla market has been killed by an unknown gun men in Yelwoko a suburb of Zebilla yesterday around 7:00am.

According to an eyewitness, the man was in a car and they called him to come out and afterward shoot him on the neck, stomach and other places as well and he died instantly. the gunmen didn’t take anything from him.
A report was made to the police and they did nothing about the situation and only wrote a statement meanwhile those who did couldn’t have escaped that emmediately.

This is not the first time something of this kind has happened in Zebilla. In this 2020, more than about three people had been killed in similar manner in Zebilla and its environs. The culprits normally ride motor bikes with weapons (guns) and after committing the the crime they escape with the motor bikes.

The people of Zebilla are calling on opinion leaders and those in authority to help bring the situation under control. It is very alarming and people doesn’t feel secured in the area. People are been killed every now and then and nothing is been done to the situation. It look like there is lawlessness in the area unless the security do something about the situation.

One can confidently say security in the area in very weak. There has been incidents of broad day robbery coupled with killings in Zebilla of store owners and mobile money vendors.



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