Home Politics 2021 is Going to be a Year of Hardship for Ghanaians

2021 is Going to be a Year of Hardship for Ghanaians


An economic specialist Professor John Gatsi said 2021 is going to be a year of hardship for Ghanaians despite whichever party comes into power.

To him Ghana’s Dept of Ghs178 b is justifiable due the global pandemic-Corona virus.

Speaking to Star FM on morning show, the Professor of Economist John Gatsi says Ghana’s debt ratio should be blamed on government’s desire to please voters as elections beckons and not on COVID-19.

He said this saying that the ruling party has not said anything clear to mean how they will solve the problem of increased Dept but the opposition NDC is saying they will do all their possible best to bring Ghana’s Domestic Dept under control. This therefore signifies how hard it will be for Ghanaians for which ever party comes into power.

Businesses will be taxed to help stablise the economy.

It means all have to prepare adequately to face the economic hardship even though no one will wish such hardship should come.



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