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Would Politics Ever Rid of the Problems of Mankind?


Politics has since from inseption deceived people to trust Politicians thinking they could help them solve the problems of life.
Many people who seek power normally make promises of the their intending visions for a country or for which ever organisation or association they seek to lead. Only few of them normally use the word ‘ If I win and God helps me I will do this, this and this’ majority will make promises without even thinking when they get elected things may even get more difficult than it is today- Who knows may be…

People are been sampled and given leadership positions and the same people who vote for them do complain of them not leading well.

One of the reason may be that, people want a particular party to be elected because they think that’s where they can make wealth even if that party will not government well.

Another reason is that, people try to change to different parties because they think they offer better help than the other.

Besides that, others will also think since they need to be employed, going after a particular party will guarantee their employment opportunities.
Others also move from one party to another when they get offended by another party.

Others also wants to escape victimization by joining a particular party in other to protect their businesses or their employment.
All these may be tangible reasons yet we normally don’t think that things could change in the future.

All these decisions are been taken every now and then yet we never get satisfied from time to time with some politicians.

A lot of politicians don’t use the name of God in politics for a reason known to them. Some may be telling lies and because of that see no need of using the name of God, some may be pagans who never believed in God, some thought using the name of God in politics, people may not be too happy with that, others don’t use the the name of God because they are over ambitious and that make them forget.

Since the existence of man on Earth, man had always been trying to solve the problems of life yet the more we try to solve the problems the more we create some for ourselves and others. For example we cry of global warming getting on the increase now a days which comes as a result of bush burning, CFCs emanating from the use of sprays, fridges etc yet we can’t stop using them.

Conclusion can be made by everyone pertaining to this information yet that will be individual. You can deal with the situation and help others as well.



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