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Rawlings Death shocked the Whole World


People from all over the world express their deepest regret for the passing away of Fomer president of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings.
From all over the major media station in the world his profile is been shown on various media outlets which include BBC TV, Frace24 TV, Algazera and many more.

All over the internet as well a lot of media outlets are saying something about this man . People from different countries who ones knew him either by personal contact or by knowledge is saying something concerning this man.

A post sited by SkyNet News of the officials in Venuzela writes ‘ Venuzela mourns the passing away of former president of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings, great leader of Mother Africa and Unconditional friend of the Bolivaria Revolution. We remember him with affection.

The story is not different from the rest of the countries in Africa and beyond.

This is one of the many mournings for the late former president of Ghana from all over the world.



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