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China: The first country to Launch 6G Network


China on Wednesday announced it’s official launched research and development work for 6G mobile networks. Meanwhile 5G network has just been roles out. The 6G network is believed to be about 100 times faster than 5G.

5G refers to next-generation mobile networks that offer super-fast data speeds that promise to support technologies like driverless cars and virtual reality. 6G network will do more than that as China has involved about 37 universities to do the testing and offer advices as what to do and it’s implementation- said the Ministry of Science and Technology.

We will see whether people will attribute 6G network to the myth of any disease just as when people all over the world associated covid-19 to a conspiracy theory brought about by 5G network.

China is advancing in the area of mobile network because 5G network is just in the infancy stage and 6G network emerging just soon.

Source: skynetgh.com|Ghana


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